Heart of glass


She beheld a heart of glass,
Clear as day break,
And a pure love that fell fast
And loved deeply.
And while men would swoon
At the adornment that surrounded
The heart of glass that beat in her chest.
It was an empty existence
For the princess.
For jewels of the flesh
Bring instant pleasure.
Instant joy of sight and touch,
But no man wanted the true treasure.
She offered the jewels to few
And the heart of glass to fewer
And after many heart breaks
Began to hide from those who knew her.
She waited for the one
Who would never come
To see her heart of glass
Was actually a diamond.
So pure and transparent
A fool knew what he had not.
When he threw away the world
For a greedy thought.
So she fought off the knights
Who came banging at the cave
And in her rage
She began to change.
She grew tired of her delicate form
And her heart of glass began to transform.
She emerged a shield and firey breath,
And protected her soul from treacherous theft.
Her spirit grew wings
that she used to conquer shallow things
And her words became teeth
That shredded her enemies.
A monstrous beauty
That possessed no belief in mankind,
But prayed for an end of the pain inside.
No ordinary soul could
Slay such a beast,
So she waited for the one
To bring her sweet release.
For the heart of glass glimmered within
At the thought of real love and inner peace.




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