The Boy with Stars in His Eyes

There once was a boy

with stars in his eyes,

speckles of bronze,

in an ice blue sky.

He had a smile so sweet

that every girl he’d meet

would swoon and fall

under his spell.


The stars led him far from home,

and he’d go from town to town

to try and find the reason he roamed.

In the midst of his traveling ways

a 1,000 innocent hearts he did slay.

for the galaxies in his eyes

were filled with sweet lies

and his heart had a black hole

no one could ever fill.


Then came a day where

the Stars no longer shined,

and he prayed for a love

that was so hard to find.

yet in his soul,

he knew it was not

the destiny chosen for him

in the universe’s plot.

He asked the moon for guidance

each and every night,

but he chose not to see the light.

For even in his relflection

of his younger days

the stars were too much perfection,

the perfection that he craved.


So on the boy with stars in his eyes,

sought a life of meaning

that led to his demise.





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