Thought to think

When I thought of forever,
I thought about you.
When I thought of ” who would never”
I thought of you too.
When I thought of What Is Love?
Your face was what I saw.
But now things are different
And I thought went to think.
When I think about you,
I remember about your lies.
I think about the promises you made
As you stared into my eyes.
I ponder about the things
that were never quite right.
Because now I see who you are
In this very different light.
I can feel the way I felt
When you left us by the side of the road,
How helpless I was as our son cried
And I knew we’d never go home.
I struggle with how you brought her in Ourhouse, and left me right in front of her
As she sat in my couch.
And you screamed at me for making your mouse cry.
I feel anger and resentment when my arms get heavy playing in the pool and your son is laughing , but you’re off being a fool.
I feel disgust when you are late to visit him and stink like cheap pot,
and that you “drive-by-parent”
To a child who doesn’t understand my lament.
I hated taking pictures at the zoo
And you weren’t there.
You were off in a trailer park while we saw polar bears.
I think about what you’ve done,
And I hope she’s worth these thoughts of mine.
Because you weren’t worth a moment of our time.



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