Fathered Day


I remember the day,
I remember it well.
When I found our two
Was now a three.
And how your heart seemed to swell.

Now here we are,
And we’re both twos
You’ve got her,
And I have Q.

And while I’m happy for you,
I can’t help but ponder
If the price we will all pay
For your heart that chose to wander.
Will be worth it to you
When you look back at this younger
Reckless self.

And while you expect a day for you,
the responsibilities you left Are heavy
and the life you’ve stolen was more than theft.
I’ll carry the weight of a two person team,
While you’re off living a care free life filled with dreams.
I’ll work two jobs to just make the means.
I’ll keep my promises for our son.
The little one who calls me Daddy,
Because you are gone.

Happy fathered day,
To a man who left it all.
You donated a cell,
When I sacrificed my life.
Because little hands mean more to me
Than the promises I made to you as your wife.


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